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Marriage Contracts (prenup) and Cohabitation Agreements

Ottawa Lawyers in WestboroThese days more and more couples are entering into agreements in advance of moving in together and in advance of marriage. Sometimes a couple will enter into an agreement after marriage to confirm expectations, rights, and obligations. These documents can provide many benefits, even for people of modest means.

A Cohabitation or Marriage Contract, sometimes known as a prenuptial agreement or prenup, can contract out of certain matters that are provided for in legislation, such as spousal support, an equalization payment, and can vary entitlements that might otherwise arise in the event of separation or upon death.

A Cohabitation or Marriage Contract can also confirm the assets and debts held by each partner prior to commencing cohabitation or marriage to ensure a record of protected (pre-marital) assets exists and an understanding of any future division of assets is understood. In the event of separation or divorce, the agreement can help the couple avoid disputes over the division of assets and debt. Many people report that negotiating the Cohabitation or Marriage Contract helped to strengthen their relationship and removed the stress of uncertainty regarding property division and other issues.

With more people entering into second marriages or long-term relationships and with an increased prevalence of blended families and children from prior relationships, a Cohabitation Agreement of Marriage Contract can ensure your children and loved ones are protected from rights and obligations that might otherwise arise through the assumption of cohabitation or marriage. An agreement can also protect the intended inheritance of children from a previous marriage or relationship.

Coristine Law has helped numerous individuals protect their assets and their future by drafting Cohabitation Agreements and Marriage Contracts custom-tailored to meet their needs. We can draft an agreement for you, review a proposed agreement and provide independent legal advice, update and amend an existing agreement, or provide an opinion regarding the validity and enforceability of an existing agreement.

It is imperative that both parties obtain competent, experienced legal counsel to negotiate and draft the agreement. Otherwise, the enforcement of the terms of the Cohabitation or Marriage Contract may not be possible.

Coristine Law can help you develop an agreement that addresses your specific needs and protects your rights and assets.